Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How To Add Text To An Image Using "Paint"

Hi everyone! I've had some questions from people on how to add text to their images - it's something I ask for all submissions so that you get full credit for the image.  Here are a couple of videos on how to do this with a Windows default program, Paint.

This program works well if you don't want to do any other editing to your photos (like cropping) - if all you need to do is add text so you can email it to me :D then this is the easiest method for you.

(Note: there are two videos because I forgot to include the instructions for saving at the end of the first video - if you already know how to "save as" you don't need to watch the second video.  Unless you really just like hearing my voice, then you can feel free to watch it.)

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  1. Thanks ever so much for that. It's not the same as yours (I can't adjust the size after I put the box in, or move it), but I can do the basics. Whoo hoo!!! Thanks so much Andrea. I learned something new today!


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