Friday, April 6, 2012

Finish Friday - April 6, 2012

Today's Finish Friday is one of mine!  Because I can, that's why!  And also to prove that all stitchy finishes are welcome!

A swaddling "sleep sack" I made for a shower gift:

Fiber - Caron Simply Soft in a Wedgewood blue (the label has disappeared) and Red Heart SuperSaver in "Aspen"
Crocheted in the round with half-double crochet and Crocodile stitch - with an "H" hook, I think

This is one of 2 fins that makes it a "fishy sleep sack"

I love the way this stitch looks on the back

This actually took me over 3 weeks to make, so I don't recommend something like this for a last-minute gift.  And it was just long enough that I couldn't take a picture of the whole thing without you seeing the rest of my messy desk. ;)

Thanks to everyone who has submitted finishes, I'll be going through those submissions this weekend and letting you know what else I need from you!


  1. Great finish, I love the colours in the wool that you used.

  2. Sleep sacks are a wonderful idea, and the colors you used are beautiful.

  3. That's darling, Drea. I love that shade of blue. Beautiful!!


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