Friday, April 13, 2012

Finish Friday - April 13, 2012 - Julie

Here's another finish from Julie And Yes Dear:
Portrait of Christ by Sandy Orton, published by Praying Hands
PTP Chalice 28 count evenweave, DMC fibers

Here's what Julie says about her finish:

"Lots of blends in it (and for a bit, his face was very orange (Claudette said it looked like he had a bad spray on tan, giggle) but it looks better now) and frogged so much I almost put it away repeatedly.  It was cursed the whole time I was doing his face.  Put in ten stitches frog out five.  Put in twenty stitches, frog out ten.  Awful!!!  It was for my mom though, so I HAD to finish it."

Gorgeous, Julie! I think we've all had those kind of froggy projects!  Can anyone else relate?


  1. It's gorgeous! Yes I can totally relate! I stitched on a sampler for three whole days and got a ton of progress done, just to realize that I had been using the wrong color thread the entire time! :P


  2. Oh no, McKenna! Yes, I totally relate to Julie's problem, too. I often find myself "amending" patterns. I admire anyone with the patience to frog that much and start over!

  3. It's so beautiful! I think your mom will be very pleased with it. as to frogging: sometimes I am so afraid I'll have to frog, I keep counting over and over (and don't get any stitches done:-))

  4. Jesus looks great! I'm so glad you never gave up, Julie!

  5. Thanks Ladies. I actually did him on another fabby, and it was so badly off center, that I had to restart it. I can totally relate, McKenna. I've done similar things. Or I'll get off by one stitch, and something is totally in the wrong place. Ah, the hazards of being a cross country stitcher!


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