Friday, December 7, 2012

Finish Friday - Yuana - December 7, 2012

Hello again, everyone!  Today's finish comes from Yuana in Amman!  Here's her story behind this piece:

"Its a cross stitch of a javanese wedding couple, white aida 14ct, dmc threads, size 37 x 21 cm. I bought the kit in Jakarta in 2003, I wasnt committed enough and when I miscalculated the batik skirt I decided to stop. When I went to Indonesia for holiday in the end of last year, I found it in my old bedroom. I decided to brought it back to Syria and finally when we moved to Amman in Feb 2012 I corrected it a little and finished it, finally after more than 9 years :) I decided to give it as a gift for my bestfriend back in Indonesia, I added her name and her husband, together with their wedding date :)"

You can read more about this piece in the post on Yuana's blog.  I encourage you to read this post, as it also describes how she and her family moved very quickly from Syria, and this piece was something she tucked in the one bag she took.  It's a beautiful story, and you have to scroll down to see her friend's wedding picture - so similar to the cross stitch kit she purchased 6 years before the wedding!

And the picture:


  1. Thanks for the link to her blog! It's amazing how the cross stitch matches her friend's wedding photo! Lovely!


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