Tuesday, December 4, 2012

2013 Finishes Themes!

I'm very pleased to announce the themes for 2013 - you may still submit finishes that do not fit these themes, but priority will be given to theme-related projects.  Also, if I feel your finish fits a theme coming later in the year, I may delay featuring yours until that time.  That said, I love having multiple finishes to show each Friday, so even if your finish does not match a theme, that doesn't mean it won't be chosen!  And most of these themes are very broad for a reason. ;)

January - Winter Scenes
February - Valentine's Day - hearts, love sayings, wedding samplers
March - Theme 1 - Crochet finishes (March is National Crochet Month)
March - Theme 2 - Green finishes - green as the dominant color, shamrocks, celtic knotwork (any color)
April - Easter/Spring
May - Mother - gifts made for mother, sayings about motherhood
June - Garden
July - Summer Fun
August - Scissor Fobs
September - HAED
October - Halloween
November - Food
December - Ornaments

There is now a place on the form that shows the upcoming themes!  I love when I figure out how to do things!

We're still looking for Christmas themed finishes for December 2013 - ornaments, decor and gifts.  Fill out the form on the Get Featured page to, well, get featured!

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