Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Am Back - With Apologies

I never intended to disappear on anyone so long ago.  I've had some very trying personal things happen over the past few months.  While I'm not through it yet, I am now able to focus more on the things I enjoy.  I'm finding that working on my own projects and connecting with others in the stitching community is the best medicine.

If you submitted a finish a long time ago (April? May?) I still have that, and I'll be contacting you to see if you still want to be featured.  If you have any new finishes, I would love to get them scheduled.  I would really love to see some of your holiday finishes - whether for home decor or gifts.

I really am sorry if I let any of you down.  I know a few of you did a lot of work to promote this blog, and I greatly appreciate it.  I look forward to seeing all your work!


  1. Welcome back Andrea. Best wishes :)


  2. Welcome back! It will be nice to see other bloggers' finishes here, since I might find a new blog to follow that I didn't know about before, and more new designs to stitch!


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